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                嘉必優天然β-胡蘿蔔素 —— 繽紛色彩 天然活力

                嘉必優β-胡蘿蔔素是通過生物合成方式獲得的一種高震驚中清醒過來純度、具有天然提取物屬性的類胡蘿蔔素產品,為“追求天 然色素和天然食品配料”提供了一個良好的解決方案。

                嘉必優β-胡蘿蔔素分為健康功能性食品配料和天然著色劑兩他臉色凝重個系列,有晶體(96%)、油懸液(30%)、微粒(10-20%)、幹粉(1%)和乳化液(1-5%)等產品 就這片刻形態。

                作為健七七八八了康食品配料,發酵來源β-胡蘿蔔素是一種安全的維生素A源,能在機體內補充維生素A、抗氧化、保持細胞活力的健康作用看著楊空行等人,常以軟膠囊、硬膠囊、壓片等形式應用於膳ζ食補充劑和健康產品ζ 領域,常應用於嬰幼兒配方食品和其它營養強特點化食品小唯。



                CABIO’s natural-sourcedβ-carotene —— Rich colors and natural vitality

                CABIO’s β-carotene is a carotenoid product with the features of high purity and natural extract obtained through biosynthesis. It is a good solution for "the pursuit of natural pigments and natural food ingredients".

                CABIO’s β-carotene has two forms: healthy functional food ingredients and natural colorants in the form of crystals (96%), oil suspension (30%), beadlets (10-20%), dry powder (1%) and emulsion (1-5%).

                As a healthy food ingredient, β-carotene from fermentation is a safe source of vitamin A, which can increase the amount of vitamin A in the body, resist oxidation, and maintain cell vitality. It is often used in the field of dietary supplements and health products in the form of soft capsules, hard capsules and compressed tablets as well as applied to infant formula food and other nutritionally fortified food.

                As a natural coloring agent, β-carotene enables rich colors from purplish red to yellowish green, it is often used in juice, special cooking oil, pasta products and baked food. At the same time, CABIO's unique solution ensures the stability of color rendering in different applications.

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